Research Structure


Research Structure of the Cluster

Graphic of TMFB's Research Structure

The research activities of TMFB are organized in two major Integrated Research Fields (IRF): IRF-A "From Biomass to Biofuels" and IRF-B "From Biofuels to Propulsion." These research fields are linked by the Core Interaction Field (CIF) "Fuel Design." The major goal is to describe a "Fuel Design Process" with which tailor-made fuels with any desired properties can be developed from biomass. Therefore, the direct link and interaction between the fuel production (addressed in IRF-A) and the fuel combustion (addressed in IRF-B) through the CIF "Fuel Design" is crucial as well as unique in the world.

The research is complemented by the "Supplementary Cluster Activities" (SCA). They aim to enhance efficient networking between the cluster’s scientific processes and foster interdisciplinary collaboration.