Dr. rer. nat.

Erika Abraham

Professorin als Juniorprofessorin

Deputy Equal Opportunities Officer

Professorin Erika Ábrahám
Chair of Computer Science 2 (Software Modelling and Verification)


Building: 2350 Informatikzentrum Hauptbau

Room: 2U07

Ahornstrasse 55

52074 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 21242
Fax: +49 241 80 22243

Key Research Areas

  • Modelling and analysis of hybrid systems
  • Decision-making processes for non-linear limitation solutions of limitations
  • Probabilistic hybrid systems


In October 2008, RWTH Aachen University established the new Junior Research Group "The Theory of Hybrid Systems" in the context of the Measure "Strengthening the Natural Sciences" funded by the Excellence Initiative.

The group is headed by Prof. Dr. Erika Abraham and it is embedded in the Chair for Software Modeling and Verification. Erika Abraham is the first female Junior Professor in computer science and the second female professor in this department. By establishing eight new Junior Professorships in innovative research areas and by a targeted recruiting, the Faculty was able to recruit highly-qualified candidates. Besides Prof. Dr. Abraham, the Faculty recruited more female professors for the eight Junior Research Group.

This Research Group deals with the modeling and analysis of hybrid systems. Hybrid systems are systems with combined discrete-continuous behaviour. They accompany our everyday life: The space heating gets switched on and off by some discrete sensors in order to keep the temperature, a continuous physical quantity, in a certain interval. A more complex example is the real, continuous behaviour of our cars, that is controlled by embedded discrete control units. With the increasing application of such systems formal methods for hybrid systems become more and more important at international research institutions as well as in industry.

Erika Abraham finished her studies 1999 with honours at the University of Kiel. Her doctoral thesis, written in Kiel in close collaboration with CWI Amsterdam and Leiden University, deals with deductive proof systems for multithreaded object-oriented programming languages. She also developed a deductive compositional proof system for hybrid systems. After her doctorate in 2005, she joined the University of Freiburg and worked on formal methods for the analysis of hybrid systems. Before transferring to RWTH Aachen University, she was associated with Forschungszentrum Jülich.


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