Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Julia Hartmann


Julia Hartmann
Lehrstuhl für Mathematik (Algebra) (N.N.)



Main Research Areas

  • Algorithmic algebra
  • Differential Galois Theory
  • Patching methods

Since October 2008, Julia Hartmann has been heading the junior reseach group "Algorithmic Algebra," established in the Department of Mathematics. Her main research area is algebra, with focus on invariant theory and Galois theory of differential equations. In this context, algorithms and computer algebra systems are also important topics.

Julia Hartmann studied mathematics as major and computer science as minor at Göttingen University and was conferred a doctoral degree (with distinction) at the University of Heidelberg. During her studies, she spent one year at the Northwestern University near Chicago, and after her doctoral studies, she worked on several research projects at the University of Pensylvania and at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley.

She considers RWTH Aachen to be particularly attractive because of its strong mathematics environment which, due to multiple opportunities for collaboration, offers outstanding conditions for her research. A further benefit is the closeness to other mathematical centers.


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