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  • Biocatalysis
  • Chemocatalysis
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Combustion Research
  • Engine Development 


Juniorprofessorships within the Cluster of Excellence






  • Biomass fractionation and pre-treatment
  • Enzymatic and catalytic biomass processing
  • Catalytic synthesis and conversion of biomass-based streams to platform molecules and fuels
  • (Bio-)refinery process optimization
  • Injection, ignition and combustion of biofuels
  • Combustion process and exhaust gas aftertreatment optimization of biofuels






















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  • TMFB International Conference

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    "TMFB-Through women's eyes"
  • TMFB Yearly Report 2008/2009
  • DFG-Film about the Cluster of Excellence TMFB
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