Involved institutes


Juniorprofessorship for "Microbiology of Defined Mixed Cultures"
        (Jr.-Prof. Agler-Rosenbaum)

Institute of Technical Thermodynamics and Institute of Thermodynamics 
        (LTT, Prof. Bardow)

Institute of Applied Microbiology
        (iAMB, Prof. Blank)

Institute of Organic Chemistry  
        (OC, Prof. Bolm)

Institute of Chemical Engineering - Biochemical Engineering
        (AVT.BioVT, Prof. Büchs)

Institute for Molecular Biotechnology
        (MolBioTech, Prof. Fischer)

Field of Teaching and Research "Laser Measurement Procedures in Thermo Fluid Dynamics"
        (LTFD, Prof. Grünefeld)

Physico-Chemical Fundamentals of Combustion
        (PCFC, Prof. Heufer)

Field of Teaching and Research "Ecosystem Analsysis"
        (Bio5, Prof. Hollert)

Center for Learning and Knowledge Management - Department of Information Management in Mechanical Engineering
        (IMA/ZLW & IfU, PD Dr. Isenhardt)

Juniorprofessorship for "Multiscale Modeling of Molecular Transformations"
        (Jr.-Prof. Ismail)

Institute of Chemical Engineering - Fluid Separation Processes
        (AVT.FVT, Prof. Jupke)

Juniorprofessorship for "Mechanisms in Catalysis"
        (MiC, Jr.-Prof. Klankermayer)

Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer 
        (WSA, Prof. Kneer)

Institute of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry 
        (ITMC, Prof. Leitner, Prof. Liauw, Prof. Palkovits, Dr. Greiner)

Juniorprofessorship for "Model-Based Fuel Design"
        (MBFD, Jr.-Prof. Leonhard)

Institute of Chemical Engineering - Process Systems Engineering
        (AVT.SVT, Prof. Mitsos)

Institute of Chemical Engineering -  Mechanical Process Engineering
        (AVT.MVT, Prof. Modigell)

Chair and Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Controls 
        (IFAS, Prof. Murrenhoff)

Chair for Organometallic Chemistry and Institute for Anorganic Chemistry 
        (AC, Prof. Okuda)

Field of Teaching and Research and Department of High Temperature Gas Dynamics, Shock Wave Laboratory 
        (SWL, Prof. Olivier)

Chair for Combustion Engines and Institute of Thermodynamics
        (VKA, Prof. Pischinger, Koordinator)

Chair and Institute for Technical Combustion 
        (ITV, Prof. Pitsch)

Institute of Aerodynamics and Chair of Fluid Dynamics
        (AIA, Prof. Schröder)

Institute of Biotechology
        (BioTec, Prof. Schwaneberg)

Institute of Chemical Engineering - Enzyme Process Technology/ Institute of Chemical Engineering - Thermal Process Engineering
        (AVT.EPT, Prof. Spiess)

Institute of Chemical Engineering - Chemical Process Engineering 
        (AVT.CVT, Prof. Wessling)

External partners:

Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology 
        (IME, Prof. Fischer)

Max-Planck-Institute for Coal Research, Mülheim
        (MPI, Prof. Schüth)

Öko-Institut e. V. - Institute for Applied Ecology
        (Jürgen Sutter)