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In the latest issue of the scientific magazine EU Research, the work of TMFB and the meaningful progress that has been made over recent years in improving the efficiency of biofuel production are mentioned. The new cluster of excellence The Fuel Science Center and the development of bio-hybrid fuels are also at the focus of the article.

  Cluster-Auto auf grüner Wiese vor Windrädern Copyright: © RWTH_TMFB

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The main goal of TMFB is to produce fuels from biomass efficiently. In the Fuel Science Center, which superseded TMFB on January 1st, the research from the former cluster is due to be continued. Special attention will be paid to the so called bio-hybrid fuels, a combination of biomass-based molecules and those from E-Fuels.

You can find the entire article and some further interesting facts and figures on TMFB here: