18th International MTZ Conference on Heavy-Duty Engines

Tuesday, November 7, 2023, 12 midnight

The international MTz conference "Heavy-Duty, On- and Off Highway Engines" provides a vital platform for manufactures of large engines and realtes components to address mounting challenges. Rising demands for engine output, fuel efficiency, and emissions reduction call for new concepts in engines, injetion systems, wate-heat recovery, and drivetrain optimization. Internal combustion engines are expected to remain dominant in long-distance road freight, agriculture, shipping, and aviation. Thus, achieving meaningful defossilization and emission reduction requires fuels on hydrogen from carbon-neutral electricity. The conference focuses on actual implementation, as well as the progress in hybrid and battery-electric drive systems. Engine developements at the 18th conference, complemented by a tour of the engine factory of MAN Truck  & Bus SE, Plant Nuremberg.