Advisory Board


The Operational Cluster Management consists of three pillars: the Steering Committee - the central supervisory and decision-making board -, the International Advisory Board, and the Cluster Office.

The International Advisory Board will support and monitor the Cluster of Excellence's activities by evaluating progress and providing impulses for further development with regard to both scientific and industrial issues. The Advisory Board is composed of key representatives from international academic institutions and industry, related to all fields of research within the FSC, insuring a close alignment of the cluster's objectives and the demands of its key stakeholders.

Scientific Advisory Board
Claire Adjiman Imperial College London, Chemical Engineering
Adisa Azapagic The University of Manchester, Sustainable Industrial Systems and Sustainably Consumption Institute
Paul Anastas Yale University, Center of Green Chemistry and Engineering
Jens Artz Dechema
Alexis Bell UC Berkeley, Energy Biosciences Institute, Chemical Engineering
André L. Boehman University of Michigan, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Andreas Bulan Covestro, R&D Manager
Avelino Corma Universitat de València, Chemistry
Joachim Damasky VDA, Managing Director of the Research Association of Automotive Technology
Maximilian Fleischer Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co. KG, Chief Technology Expert
Thomas Garbe VW
Thomas Haas Evonik, Director Macromolecular Chemistry
Yiguang Ju Princeton University, Director Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Program in Sustainable Energy
Jay Keasling UC Berkeley, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus Universität Bielefeld, Chemistry
Amit Kumar University of Alberta, Environmental Systems Engineering
Gesa Netzeband DGMK
Martyn Poliakoff The University of Nottingham, Chemistry
Ortwin Renn IASS Potsdam, Institute for Advanced Sustainabilty Studies
Philippe Sautet UCLA, Catalysis, Surface Chemistry, Materials
Greg Stephanopoulos Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering
Bert Weckhuysen CatchBio, Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis
Charles K. Westbrook Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Combustion Chemistry
Tao Zhang Dalian Institute of Chemical Phsysics, Director
Industrial Advisory Board
Hedwig Doloszeski DGMK, Chief Executive
Thomas Haas Evonik Industries AG, Director Macromolecular Chemistry
Michael Krüger Robert Bosch GmbH, Division of Diesel Systems
Ekkehard Pott Volkswagen AG, Head of Commercial Vehicle Engines and Small Diesel Engines
Hermann Pengg Audi AG, Head of Project Management e-Fuels
Teemu Sarjovaara Neste, Head of R&D, Products and Applications
Peter Sauermann BP, Director BP Global Fuels Technology
Andreas Schamel Ford Motor Company, Chief Technical Officer Ford Europe
Armin Schnettler Siemens AG, Leader New Technology & Innovation Fields
Nicole Schödel The Linde Group, Head of Chemical Development and Services
Marie-No ëlle Semeria Total S.A., Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
Kurt Wagemann Dechema, Chief Executive Officer
Wolfgang Warnecke Royal Dutch Shell, Head of Global Fuel Development
Tao Zhang Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Director