FSC Platform went online


After the new FSC Platform was already successfully presented at the 8th International Conference "Fuel Science - From Production to Propulsion", it has now gone online for all researchers of the Fuel Science Center.


The internal collaboration platform of the cluster should make it easier to extract FSC-relevant knowledge from different data sources and across different scientific institutions.

Some functions of the platform are, for example, the analysis of research topics and scientific method development for the management of cluster-specific knowledge, the observation of topics and method development based on publications within the cluster and monitoring of the cluster-external research community or also the identification of current research trends and investigation of complex interrelationships in the alternative fuels market to support strategic decisions within the cluster.

In addition, data analysis enables the automatic acquisition of semantic relationships within text data from a socio-technical perspective. This enables researchers to investigate complex cause-and-effect relationships in their research area in greater detail.


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