9th International Conference 2021

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From June 22. -24 2021, the 9th international conference Fuel Science - From Production to Propulsion took place. Just like last year, this conference took place online again due to the current Covid situation.
Representatives from science and industry have come together for the ninth time to discuss the challenges of developing new fuels from renewable energy and carbon sources. As usual, the core topics were the production of biofuels, the conversion of regenerative electrical energy and various carbon sources into new synthetic fuels, and the fuel combustion process. With its many different lectures, the program reflects the diverse and interdisciplinary work of the Cluster of Excellence. Further insights into the presentations at the conference can be found in the Book of Abstracts.


Keynote Spekaer

Experts from the various areas represented rounded off the varied program with their keynote sessions.

  • Martin Vollmer, Chief Technology Officer at Clariant / Switzerland
  • Ottmar Edenhofer , Director at Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research / Germany
  • Teemu Sarjovaara, Head of R&D, Products and Applications at Neste / Finland
  • Atsushi Urakawa, Professor at TU Delft / Netherlands
  • Konstantinos Boulouchos, Professor at ETH Zürich / Switzerland
  • Volker Sick, Professor at University of Michigan / USA
  • Philip G. Jessop, Professor at Queen's University Kingston / Candada
  • Antonio Garcia Martinez, Professor at Universitat Politècnica de València / Spain


Presentations and Posters

If you are interested in the posters of the poster sessions or in the presentations of the lectures, please contact the Clusteroffice, we will be happy to help you!