Aachen Mentoring Model

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Students' individual needs, their problems, and their potential will be recognized early on through an individual, comprehensive mentoring system, which will systematically advise students and accompany them throughout their studies.



Miriam Paffen

Project Coordination


+49 241 80 98398



Students' academic success is promoted as well as RWTH Aachen's central goal, reducing the number of students who do not complete their studies. The central target groups in the mentoring system are those students, who have obtained less than two thirds of the necessary credit points in accordance with their course of study layout, as well as particularly talented students.

To implement this goal, the Mentoring System work group has created a strategy with the help of the Stifterverband for mentoring-like advising and support for students, that contains standards and implementation tools for a comprehensive mentoring system. This strategy was accomodated to subject specifics in each faculty and implemented thanks to funding through the Federal State Program for Better Study Conditions and More Quality in Teaching. The faculties are supporting both in organizational and technical aspects through a mentoring tool, which eases the organization of the advising appointments and improves the collaboration with the university's service institutions. In October 2011, a kick off event with representatives from the faculties took place, where the strategy was introduced.

An accompanying evaluation of the mentoring system implementation will provide the faculties and the university's central institutions in the future with a direct look at the academic reality of their students, thus enabling them to adjust academic requirements to students' needs.


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Faculty 1 Department of Mathematics and Mathematics Teacher Training
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Faculty 4 Mechanical Engineering
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Division of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

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Faculty 6 Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Faculty 7 Arts and Humanities
Faculty 8 School of Business and Economics
Faculty 10 Medicine


Documentation of Conversation Results – in German

Documentation of Conversation Results – WS 2011/12 to WS 2014/15