FSC at the RWTH Science Night 2019


At the RWTH Science Night "5 vor 12", the Fuel Science Center was able to give an exciting insight into the work of the cluster with the lecture "Craft Fuel: How do I get a sustainable fuel?". 

  FSC Craft-Fuel Copyright: © FSC

Sustainable, efficient and low in pollutants - tastes good to everyone!

In the cluster of excellence "The Fuel Science Center" (FSC), innovative and sustainable processes for the conversion of renewable electricity with biomass-based raw materials and CO 2 into liquid energy sources with high energy density are investigated. Such a "bio-hybrid fuel" is a well-defined mixture of different molecular components with optimal properties for current and future combustion systems. The lecture shows how the latest generation of these fuels, a combination of renewable carbon sources with regenerative electricity, already leads to low pollutant emissions and what potential it has for climate-neutral mobility.