Article by RP Online on sustainable university projects


Several projects concerned with climate change and sustainability from universities from all over NRW get presented in an article by RP Online – including The Fuel Science Center!


Climate change and a sustainable way of life are important and much discussed topics at the moment and many people are commited and willing to make their contribution. Many universities in North Rhine-Westphalia are involved in projects that are researching ideas for improving the world's climate. The Cluster of Excellence on Plant Sciences (Ceplas) at the University of Cologne, for example, conducts research in the field of sustainable food production and the preservation of ecosystems. A team from the University of Wuppertal is working on the topic of waste avoidance, while students and scientists from Bochum are dedicated to researching and protecting the Philippine rainforest. Finally, the Fuel Science Center with its research on novel CO2 neutral fuels is presented in the article by RP Online.