Collaborative investigation of the internal flow and near-nozzle flow of an eight-hole gasoline injector (Engine Combustion Network Spray G)

Mohapatra, Chinmoy K. (Corresponding author); Schmidt, David P.; Sforozo, Brandon A.; Matusik, Katarzyna E.; Yue, Zongyu; Powell, Christopher F.; Som, Sibendu; Mohan, Balaji; Im, Hong G.; Badra, Jihad; Bode, Mathis; Pitsch, Heinz; Papoulias, Dimitrios; Neroorkar, Kshitij; Muzaferija, Samir; Martí-Aldaraví, Pedro; Martínez, María

London : Sage Publ. (2020, 2023)
Journal Article

In: International journal of engine research
Volume: 24
Issue: 6
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 2297-2314


  • The Fuel Science Center [080066]
  • Chair and Institute of Combustion Technology [411410]