Impact of unintentionally formed CH2O in oxygenated fuel exhausts on DeNOx-SCR at different NO2/NOx ratios under close to real conditions

Schönberger Alvarez, Ariel Augusto (Corresponding author); Özyalcin, Ibrahim Can; Padeken, Tom; Mauermann, Peter; Lehrheuer, Bastian; Sterlepper, Stefan; Abouserie, Ahed; Vennewald, Maurice; Simon, Ulrich; Palkovits, Regina; Pischinger, Stefan

London : RSC Publ. (2023)
Journal Article

In: Catalysis science & technology
Volume: 13
Issue: 14
Page(s)/Article-Nr.: 4069-4081


  • Center for Automotive Catalytic Systems Aachen [080024]
  • The Fuel Science Center [080066]
  • Department of Chemistry [150000]
  • Institute of Inorganic Chemistry [151005]
  • Chair of Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry [151310]
  • Chair of Heterogeneous Catalysis and Technical Chemistry [155310]
  • Chair of Themordynamics of Mobile Energy Conversion [412310]